Fabulous authentic thai food

The biggest problem with cooking thai food is the ingredients. There are a few that are really required in order to get that authentic taste. If you really want that great thai flavor, you have to at least find fresh thai basil and it’s best if you can also get lemon grass, kaffir lime leaf, and kaffir limes.

But easy to find is good thai curry pastes and prepared chili sauces. You can make your own (I’ll post a recipe soon), but the prepared pastes are good for starters and make the process much easier. I like the Thai Kitchen brand, which is available at most fancier grocery stores around here. The Thai Kitchen Company has a Store Locator on their website, or you can also order online.

I use their coconut milk, noodles, sauces and pastes. If your new to cooking your own thai food, this is a great place to start, since the quality is high and following their recipes you’re basically guaranteed a good basic dish.

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