What to Eat

I’ve just started reading “What to Eat”, by Marion Nestle. I’ve seen this book for a while and just sort of skipped by it, expecting that it’s interesting, but mostly a lot of stuff that I already know…

Then I heard Marion Nestle on an NPR show. She was being interviewed with Michael Pollan (of Omnivore’s Dilemma) and they were just brilliant together.

Marion is a nutritionist, and admits that even with her background the research for “What to Eat” was daunting. In this book, Marion takes us on a tour of the american grocery store. As she puts it, “There are precise reasons why the milk is in the back of the store and the center aisles are so long. You are forced to go past thousands of products to get to what you need.”

more later, when I’ve read further…

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