Escargot to go!

Twitter is a great tool, and although there are some terrible spammers out there, some businesses are also using it in interesting ways.

Close to our hearts here at Feed The Girl are the new batch of food twitters, including @chezspencergo, just profiled on

Laurent Katgely of Chez Spencer (82 14th St., San Francisco) is taking his escargot on the road. Jumping into the fray of the street food craze, he’s turning a former taco truck into a mobile kitchen to serve his French fare at a few San Francisco locations.

“I’ve been wanting to do this for years. I love taco trucks and always thought, ‘There’s only Mexican food. Why not French?’ ” says Katgely.

[From Chez Spencer chef takes French food to the streets]

Laurent twitters about new dishes on his menu, and about where and when his escargot truck is serving. The way he uses twitter, it’s a useful service to those who follow him. If you like this sort of thing, there’s also @cremebruleecart, although he seems to be out of town for a little while.

My friend Loic LeMeur (@loic) posted a list of these food-cart twitter accounts to follow if you live in San Francisco. Do you know any of these? Got pointers to the best ones? Know some from other areas that you can share?

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