Ingredients make the difference, right?

Most of my food is fresh and flavorful. We live in a part of California that is famous for farmer’s markets and for produce stands on the side of the road. We get fresh fish from the shop on the coast. This year, we might join a Community Supported Agriculture program that will get us a big basket of fresh product every week.

But I’m also very busy, and I just don’t always have time to make my own chicken stock or stew my own fresh tomatoes. So I try things, I experiment and I find products that I really like. I’ll be writIng a lot about this subject – both the “finds” that I make and the frustrations of finding just the right thai curry paste or chocolate sauce.

I hope everyone will chime in with their own favorites, too. And tell me what you think of mine. And ask about something you need…

You’ll find these under the Ingredients category. Related posts about fresh food, health and additives will also turn up under Philosophy.

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