Good food, good living, and the people you love [Part 1]

I love feeding people good food. I’ve made a bit of a name for myself doing this – just among friends and family. It’s very satisfying when people say “if I hadn’t been here watching you the whole time, I would have sworn you ordered got this [indian food] delivered!”

But I’m a bit lazy and bit impatient, so I take shortcuts. Mostly, this means keeping recipe’s simple, and using fresh whole ingredients. I’ll also use a prepared curry base or spice blend.

I also read labels. Some of my friends look at me a bit funny, until they try the Tom’s Cookies I just pulled out of the oven. You read the label on a carton of Tom’s Cookies and what’s in it? Exactly what you would have put in it if you made the cookies yourself from scratch. Same thing with Whole Foods Dark Chocolate Sauce. It’s so thick that you have to warm it to spoon it over your ice cream, and it contains nothing but chocolate sauce.

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